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Medigrow is one of the most sought-after business acumens for Doctors in Australia offering 40 CPD point courses and financial intelligence education like no other for the past 7 years.

During these uncertain times, there have been an incredible number of requests from Doctors and the medical community at large, wanting to know where they’re sitting financially as they have little to no clarity whatsoever on their numbers or future outlook.

We took that feedback and spent a million dollars developing the WealthGoal software for our Doctors. It is truly a game changer when you take a look using your own numbers.

One of the key reasons why we created it is because after all the Medigrow events we have held in every state, one trend was revealed:

The average (in earnings) Doctor in Australia will waste (yes waste) $4 million during their career because they have inefficient conversations with their Accountants.

That’s right. $4M trashed, gone, zip. My Accountant has what to do with it, we hear you ask?

At Medigrow, we are absolutely serious and prepared to back up what we are saying. We have put together 4 key drivers to your financial intelligence starting with The Gold Parts and then our multi-million dollar software, yours to play with for 90 days.

Yes, you can share it with your colleagues, if you would like them to get ahead too.

So here is the true value…

Firstly, watch the 3 presentations in order. This will give you over 200 hours worth of reading and give you some eye-opening insights and a few aha monents too.

Then scroll down and register for the WealthGoal software. No gimmicks, no catch, no sales calls, just you and your numbers and a real awakening.

Let’s get to it!



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Watch in the comfort of your home, office, or mobile on the go.

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Now you have this new financial intelligence, it's time to see how it all stacks up for you personally.

Welcome to WealthGoal


Our state-of-the-art, million-dollar software was designed to help you just do life on your own terms. There is nothing else like this in Australia. Your Accountant has never shown you anything like this, and neither has your Financial Planner. Maybe you should share this with them and have a new conversation?

Register for WealthGoal and enter your numbers. In 10-15 minutes you will gain clarity like never before and see where you will be if you continue as is.

Your numbers have no feelings, you do. Not knowing is no longer an option.

Benefit from one of the most successful wealth generators in Australia. Julio De Laffitte is a recognised authority on investment and wealth building strategies for more than 27 years with $8B in financial transactions, 2,000+ multi-millionaire property investors and $380M in strategic alliances brings all this experience, knowledge and acumen together in WealthGoal.

Remember, it’s yours to try for 60 days, no gimmicks, no catch, no sales calls, just you and your numbers and a life-changing event.

We promise, this is well worth the time. Imagine if you could see the future? Try it out today!